Drug Trafficking Is On the Rise

Geography makes Texas a drug trafficking hotspot. Other southwestern states, such as California and Arizona, face similar challenges in minimizing the amount of illegal substances that pour across the US border each year. Millions of dollars’ worth of dangerous, illegal substances cross state borders annually. Because it is relatively easy to transport these items across the Texas-Mexico line, drug trafficking is a serious problem in the Lone Star State. As a result, Texas imposes strict penalties on drug trafficking offenders.

Because these substances devastate lives and contribute to violence, the government continues to enforce harsh penalties on those who engage in trafficking. Individuals who deliver or import drugs across the Texas border face serious consequences under both state and federal law.

Texas Drug Trafficking Laws

Drug trafficking is prosecuted under the state’s Controlled Substances Act. The Act forbids the possession, manufacture, and distribution of illegal drugs with the intent to deliver them to another. State penalties for drug trafficking vary depending on the type of drug being transported. Drugs are grouped into four categories and two sub-categories ranging from most to least dangerous. Penalty group 1 drugs include the most dangerous substances and carry the most severe punishments.

Drug Trafficking Under Federal Law

Federal drug trafficking law encompasses a variety of drug offenses. Individuals charged with transporting drugs across the United States border face prosecution under federal law. It is also a federal crime to move drugs across interstate lines. Additionally, federal law prohibits the transport of drugs within a state, which is a crime known as intrastate trafficking. The federal Controlled Substances Act breaks drugs down into five categories and assigns penalties depending on the type and quantity of controlled substance involved.

Defending Your Case Right Away

Because Texas drug trafficking laws impose some of the harshest penalties in the nation, even a relatively minor trafficking charge can involve serious consequences. That is why it’s important to begin building your defense from the moment you are charged with a drug-related crime. I have extensive experience handling trafficking cases and will examine every aspect of your case to create an effective defense strategy. Common defenses to trafficking charges include unlawful searches, entrapment, lack of possession, and improper seizure. In many cases, powerful drug cartels use terror and intimidation to pressure individuals into smuggling drugs into the United States. Additionally, you may have been unaware that drugs were placed on your person or inside your bags.

Mark Diaz – Experienced Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

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